What is the best view of the Grand Canyon?

Mohave Point

Grand Canyon’s undulating, rugged landscape touches the horizons far and beyond. The beauty of it gleams in all of its grandeur when the sun shines its rays on the valley or when it withdraws them. Nothing can beat watching that sunrise or sunset from one of the viewpoints situated on its rims. In this article, we’ve ranked the viewpoints based … Read More

How can I see Grand Canyon in one day?

Hiking In Grand Canyon

Ever wondered, “how can I see Grand Canyon in one day?” You’re not the only one! There are lots of other people like you trying to absorb a place as vast as the Grand Canyon in one day. Well, we don’t recommend that but if you really only have a day … we can help you out. If you can’t … Read More

What is the Best Lodge at Grand Canyon?

Best Lodges near Grand Canyon

One of the geological marvels and the proposed natural wonder, the Grand Canyon nestles in Arizona, enfolding more than 2 billion years of history in its wide expanse. Absorbing this history, letting the dry wind sift through your hair, and marveling at the work of the ancient Colorado River are some of the things to do there. However, most importantly, … Read More

What is the best time of year to visit the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon Summer

You’ll likely get a different answer to this question depending on who you ask. Some people have strong opinions on the time of year you should visit the Grand Canyon, but we think every season has its pros and cons. It’s helpful to identify what you want to do during your visit before you decide what time of year you … Read More

What cities are close to the Grand Canyon?

What cities are close to the Grand Canyon (1)

As you are researching for a trip to the Grand Canyon, you’ll quickly start to realize it’s a very remote destination. There are very few places to stay within the park or even close by. You will find campgrounds, a few lodges, and even a few hotels near the park, but many visitors choose to stay in a neighboring city. … Read More

Grand Canyon Tour – An Inspirational Journey

hotels near grand canyon

Grand Canyon is a magnificent wonder of the world that offers truly amazing sights. Millions of people from all over US and the world are visiting the Grand Canyon every year just to be amazed by its enormous size and phenomenal beauty. Many of these visitors are returning visitors that have been there many times, there is just something magical … Read More

Visiting Different Areas of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Skywalk

There is simply no place in the world like the Grand Canyon, this marvelous place is formed through millions of years of process, creating a one of a kind landscape with unbelievable views. Every year, millions of visitors come to this huge canyon to enjoy its beauty and to experience the thrill of various adventures they can have in this … Read More

Things to See and Do in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Since it was established in 1919, Grand Canyon National Park quickly became the most popular national park in America. Occupying more than 1,2 million acres area, Grand Canyon offers various attractions from its jaw-dropping view, outdoor adventures like rafting, hiking, various wildlife, historical landmarks, and so much more. With 18 miles wide, 277 miles long and a mile deep, Grand … Read More

Family Vacation at the Grand Canyon


Still wondering where to go on your next family vacation? Why not choose the incredible Grand Canyon National Park? This huge canyon with remarkable landscape offers so many amazing attractions that will definitely make your family vacation unforgettable. Those who have never been to the Grand Canyon probably think that this holiday destination is just about sightseeing and taking pictures … Read More

Enjoying The Marvelous Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rafting

Grand Canyon is one of the most stunning places on earth, no words can really describe its breathtaking landscape, you should visit the place yourself to really what it’s really like. The Grand Canyon National Park is actually a huge chasm that is formed by events of nature for millions of years. The result is a huge canyon with fantastic … Read More