What is the best view of the Grand Canyon?

Mohave Point

Grand Canyon’s undulating, rugged landscape touches the horizons far and beyond. The beauty of it gleams in all of its grandeur when the sun shines its rays on the valley or when it withdraws them. Nothing can beat watching that sunrise or sunset from one of the viewpoints situated on its rims. In this article, we’ve ranked the viewpoints based on the best view of the Grand Canyon they provide.

The South Rim

1. Powell Point

Named after John Wesley Powell, the person who dominated the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, the Powell Point provides terrific eastern exposure.

It is situated to the east of the famous Hopi Point and because it is less famous, you won’t see any crowds.

2. Hopi Point

This viewpoint deserved the first place but we’ve put it in the second slot because it is very crowded at times. Even that cannot take its magic. Its extension into the Canyon more than any other viewpoint lets you see the east and west of the Southern Rim in detail. Needless to say, this point is great for sunrise and sunset.

Hopi Point

3. Yavapai Point

Yavapai Point is situated close to the South Rim hotels and so, it is normally crowded at sunsets. If you are okay with crowds, this viewpoint will give you on swooping view of the Canyon between the Grand Canyon Village and the visitor center.
Yavapai Point also houses Yavapai Geology Museum to let you in on the geology of the Canyon.

4. Mohave Point

To the west of the Hopi Point, the Mohave Point acts as a window exposing the western side of the Canyon. It is famous for the steep promontory called Alligator and the heap of eroded debris called the Hermit Rapid.
Since it faces the west, you can have an extended view of the sunset.

Mohave Point

5. Desert View

This viewpoint is in the extreme east of the South Rim, and thus, it can be a perfect spot for marveling at the sunrise. As the sun starts shedding light on the Canyon, you’d see the labyrinth lying in front of you come to life.

North Rim

1. Cape Royal

If you access the Canyon from its North Rim, then don’t forget to view the dancing sun rays on the Wotans Throne right in front of Cape Royal. You’d only need to travel 15 miles from the North Rim visitor center to get there. Visit this place just before the sunset to savor the view of the glistening Colorado beyond Freya Castle, which is to the east of the Wotans Throne. If you’re lucky enough, you’d see Francisco Peaks, too.

2. Bright Angel Point

Approximately 8,000 feet higher than the South Rim, the Bright Angel Point reveals the differentiated erosion of the North and the South Rims. You’d note how the walls of the North Rim are steeper than that of the South Rim because of excessive runoff.
One of the prominent formations that will meet your eyes is the Transept Formation to the southwest. That and the hazy view of the San Francisco Peaks are enough to take your breath away in the sunset.

Bright Angel Point - Grand Canyon

3. Cape Final

On the Northern Rim, this is the spot to visit if you want to avoid crowds. The path to this viewpoint can be found by looking for the USGS datum point in the rocks. Once found, a short hike will take you to the point.
Since there are fewer people up there, you’d be able to shoot the sweeping panoramas of the eastern side of the Grand Canyon. Visit this place at dawn and see the magic unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Besides these best viewpoints of the Grand Canyon, you can also check out Point Imperial on the North Rim, Toroweap, and Shoshone Point on the South Rim.

Do you have a favorite view of the Grand Canyon? Please share in the comments below!

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